For us it is clear the way we must choose to reach this future we are looking for. A future that will turn into real only through a decision-making process in the present, without forgetting our past.

Our roadmap is very clear: to preserve the highest quality in all the production stages, careful attention to the vineyard, and follow-up the cutting-edge techniques in our area. All of this having always a deep respect for all naturl processes.

Thanks to this roadmap in Bodegas José Pariente we have defined our values, those that make our winery unique and link our past, present and future.


Desarrollamos con el más alto nivel de calidad y responsabilidad todos los procesos de negocio que la empresa aborda, y atendemos con profundo respeto y con un alto estándar ético a todos los grupos de interés relacionados con la empresa.

Dada nuestra búsqueda de la excelencia con nuestros clientes, En 2018 implantamos la norma de seguridad alimentaria  Esquema FSSC22000

A thorough record of targets, suppliers, maintenance, product control and cleaning because our goal is to always preserve a product in perfect health conditions.

Administramos nuestro negocio responsabilidad social. Primamos la visión del largo plazo buscando la construcción de un proyecto empresarial solvente y basado en sólidos principios.

We believe that it is essential to preserve our environment, so we take great care of it. Our main goal is to protect our terroir. We have a strong daily commitment to our wines and the people around. They are essential in our history.

En 2022 hemos ampliado nuestro compromiso con la sostenibilidad y con todos los procesos productivos, obteniendo la certificación Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP).



The winery has started several R&D studies, both in viticulture and in production techniques, with a clear goal: to improve the wines expression and to help protecting the environment. Nowadays the winery farms organically all its vineyards and has introduced a management system for better use of natural resources.



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